Statement of President ICNA Canada


February 13,2017

The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa

Dear Prime Minister,

May you be blessed with physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

I, President of ICNA Canada on behalf of Muslim Community in Canada express my deepest thank and gratitude as you condemned killing of six innocent Muslims at the Mosque in Quebec as a despicable act of terror committed against Canada and against all Canadians.

I thank you for your statements in solidarity with Canada’s Muslim community after the mosque attack as you stated “we will grieve with you, we will defend you, we will love you and we will stand with you”.

I further request you to improve Bill C-51 with meaningful consultation and oversight by the available leaderships within the Muslim Community to prevent adverse effect of the bill detrimental to the Canadian society.

Establish in 1968, the Islamic Circle of North America(ICNA) -leading grassroots organisation was a response to the growing need for a supportive Muslim community in North America. ICNA has expanded its reach across Canada while maintaining an active presence in local communities, Muslim Family services, ICNA Food Banks, Youth Leadership development programs, AL-Falah Islamic School, ICNA Relief Canada(IRC) and Institute of Islamic Sciences are major projects of ICNA Canada. ICNA along with its Sisters wing focusing on self-development, education, outreach and social services.

Dear Justin, you will be pleased to note that our ICNA Relief Canada (IRC) will coordinate with the families of the deceased and the injured brothers through the local chapter for the relief needs. 391 Burnhamthrope Road, Oakville Ontario L6H 7B4 Phone: 905-257-4262


After the meetings and with the advices of the professors Denis Briere and Ludger St-Pierre of Laval University, ICNA Relief Canada offered three scholarships in the faculty of Agriculture. These scholarships will be named as” Khaled Belkacemi Awards“. ICNA Relief Canada will offer awards, initially for three years. The awards will be given to top three students, selected by the faculty of Architecture. Each award will cover one year’s tuition fee.

ICNA Relief Canada will be accessing the needs of the affected families through the local committee formed by Muslim Community of Quebec and will be providing long-term support to these families, Insha-Allah (God willing), depending upon the funds collected.

I also thank you for your tremendous efforts to help and bring Syrian refugees with your open heart. ICNA Relief Canada has targeted to bring 100 such families. Applied for 66. Already Reached 27 families.

Dear Prime Minister, Insha-Allah (God willing), Muslim- Canadians will continue to make remarkable contributions to this country and I thank you for your personnel efforts as a Prime Minister and the Liberal Party to help our children raised without fear and suspicion condemning islamophobia.

We are always thankful for your support to help Muslims and all Canadians.

Muslim Community shall always be supportive to the right cause and help Canadian Society to the best of their capabilities.

With best Regards

Dr. Iqbal Masood Al-Nadvi


Tel: 416-524-5753