A letter to The Honorable Minister of Justice, Quebec

The Honourable Minister of Justice, Quebec

Dear Stéphanie Vallée,


Re: Bill 62 on Religious Neutrality;
I greet you with the Islamic salutation of peace & blessings and pray for your spiritual well being.


A controversial Quebec bill to ban women wearing niqabs and burkas from offering or receiving public services was voted into law in Quebec’s National Assembly on Wednesday dated October 18, 2017.

The law prohibits public workers — including doctors, teachers and daycare employees — as well as those receiving a service from the government, from covering their faces. It was also extended to municipal services, including public transit.

This move is counterproductive, undemocratic and violates one’s rights and freedom as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

We just want to express our strongest disappointment and disagreement to an attempt to take away the right of women who choose to wear the face veil.
Those who choose to wear the Niqab are doing so, out of their choice and devotion to their faith. They are Law-abiding citizens who are adhering to their principles according to their beliefs and understanding.

Niqab is part of their dress. Bill 62 infringes their freedom.

“Forcing people to show their faces when they ride the bus, banning women from wearing a niqab when they pick up a book from the library will only divide us,”

The Politics of divisiveness and discrimination will increase Islamophobia and violence against Muslims in Quebec and across Canada

“Fundamentally, we can’t have the state telling people what to wear, what not to wear.”


“The issue of face coverings at citizenship ceremonies became a highly divisive one on the Federal election trail, generating sparks in two French-language debates.

With the appointment of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on October 19, 2015, the niqāb issue was settled as the Liberal government chose to not “politicize the issue any further.

We appeal for your sanity and consciousness and to live up to the principles as enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedom. Any attempt to infringe the rights of these women will only add fuel to the fire of hate against the marginalized community.

We need your strong support to the principles of justice and equality & stand against this discriminatory and divisive policy of Quebec against Muslim women.


We admire you and to all those honorable politicians who stood firmly for the principles and values of this great country.


With best regards,




Tahir Alvi

President, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA Canada)

E-Mail: tahiralvi@gmail.com

Tel: 403-969-2584

CC: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada

Premier Philippe Couillard, Quebec