A letter toThe Honourable Prime Minister of Canada

October 21, 2017

Re: Bill 62 of Quebec National Assembly


The Honourable Prime Minister of Canada,

Dear Justin Trudeau,


Peace and Greetings,


The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA Canada) is extremely disturbed by the passing of Bill 62 by the Quebec National Assembly, banning public services including use of public transport by Muslim women wearing a Burqa or a Niqab.


ICNA Canada is also dismayed by the decision of your Government not to intervene in this matter although previously a Federal court has ruled against such; a ban on Muslim women’s dress in the case of Zunera Ishaq.

On behalf of the thousands of ICNA Canada members, I urge you to rescind your decision not to intervene and to direct Justice Minister of Canada to review Quebec’s Bill 62 and to launch a challenge of Bill 62 under the Canadian Charter of Rights in the Supreme Court of Canada.


We consider Quebec’s Bill 62 as legalizing discrimination against a tiny minority of Muslim women and promote Islamophobia in Canada.


We need your strong support to the principles of justice and equality & stand against this discriminatory and divisive policy of Quebec against Muslim women.


We admire you and to all those honorable politicians who stood firmly for the principles and values of this great country.


With best regards,



Tahir Alvi

President, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA Canada)

E-Mail: tahiralvi@gmail.com

Tel: 403-969-2584