ICNA Canada “Save Family Values initiative”

ICNA Canada had started an initiative in 2010 to strengthen the institution of family in Canadian society and build a healthier progressive and prosperous society where spouses are loving and caring, children are given quality time, parents and seniors are respected and cared for. This initiative is aimed to work hand in hand with everyone to appreciate the importance of a strong family institution and to help, support, provide leadership, and confidences to families achieve this goal.

The family is the most fundamental unit of society – it is the cornerstone and the foundational unit of the social, cultural and religious structure of our world. It is a divinely inspired and ordained institution that came into existence with the creation of man. The Family unit is a very important component of Islam and all elements of family are given due significance – from parents to kids to spouses to kith and kin. A sound family can grow and flourish only if man, woman and children are bound in a solid relationship of love, care, compassion and kindness, which has far-reaching results, bringing progress, prosperity and tranquility in the society.

In order to nurture righteous, happy and protected families there are three Qur’anic principles: Tazkiyah (spiritual development), Tarbiyah (moral and educational development), and Tanmiyah (physical and economic development). These are essential requirements for ensuring a truly successful family.

Alhamudillah Many chapter’s of ICNA Canada in Eastern and Western Canada have launched the Save Family Values Campaign 2013. We request all the brothers and sisters give your full support and call your neighbors ,friends and realtives to attend Save family Values programs.  

Please see following links for further information on this project:

Save Family Values Vision and Mission: http://savefamilyvalues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=80&Itemid=69

Family Values Resource Center: http://savefamilyvalues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=83&Itemid=29

For further information and family values initiative in your area please contact Br. Abdul Qayyum Mufti @aqmufti@hotmail.com, Chair of ICNA Canada InterFaith and Out Reach (IFOR) department.