Seerah Week and Word on The Street Festival

Alhumdulillah, ICNA Dawah department initiated Seerah Week during the Last week of September to distribute flyers on Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) and also during the Word on the Street Festival(WOTS). The WOTS is a national celebration of literacy and the written word.
Each September, in communities coast to coast, the public is invited to participate in hundreds of author events, presentations and workshops and to browse a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere. This year we have participated in this even held on September, 23 at Toronto, Halifax and Lethbridge(Alberta). And from September 28 to 30 at Vancouver.

This is the 3rd year ICNA Canada has been participating at the Halifax Word On The Street event. This year, the booth incharge was a young Muslim Revert Abd As Saboor and was assisted by other volunteers, Alhumdulillah.

Approximately 150 people passed through the booth, and many stopped and talked for several minutes. There were also a handful of persons who came back to the booth again.

Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam, which we recently got printed was very well received by the visitors. Approximately, 150 Quran, 600pamphlets on various topics and one-minute Dawah Cards were distributed during the event.

We have been participating in the Word On The Street, Toronto since more than 10years. The booth incharge was Br.Atique Mohammed, one of our very senior MGAs.  There were ICNA associates from Street Dawah and one brother from Scarborough and two brothers from Toronto Central Chapters. There were approximately 400 visitors to the booth and the following were distributed:

1. Quran Translation in English 300
2. Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam 200
3. Islam Is 400
4. Muhammad (pbuh) 200
5. French Translation of Quran 5
6. Amazing Quran by Gary Miller 200
7. A Book Unlike Any Other by Ayub Hamid 100
8. Pamphlets and one minute Dawah Cards:
a. You Must know this Man Muhammad
b. Misconceptions about Islam
c. Quran
d. Hijab

Lethbridge is a small town with a population of approximately 80,000. We have been participating in Word On The Street, Lethbridge since it’s introduction last year.  The Booth Incharge for the Event was Br.Shukrullah Khan, ICNA Associate from Lethbridge.  Brother Khalil Ur Rahman Central Dawah Committee member traveled from Calgary for the Event. ICNA’s presence at the event was well received by the people of Lethbridge, and we had the opportunity to give the Message of Islam to the visitors who do not have much information other than what they get from the Media.  Alhumdulillah, we had distributed the following material:

Translation Quran 80.
– Pamphlets 100.
– Books on various topics 80.
– DVD’s 12.

Alhumdulillah, we have been participating in the Vancouver WOTS since almost 5 years. The Booth incharge for the Event was Br.Ghulam Mustafa.  Vancouver Chapter had covered four Masajids during Fridays  in Vancouver area. Announcement was made in the khutba and 4000 brochures of  “Mohammad you should know this man”, were distributed. During Word on the Street event 75 Quran were distributed alongwith brochures on various topics and other Dawah Books.